Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wayne looking like Paul

This is a pic of my business partner, Wayne Curtiss and the large '69 Beatles Limited Edition Giclee to give the out-of-towners a frame of reference as to its size. I also want to mention how blessed I am to have the support of Wayne in this david o'keefe studios, inc. venture. Wayne is an awesome friend and just an all around good guy. He's also a visionary and a very successful business person who takes the "Purple Cow" approach to achieving results. Loyal and honest, he's a guy who treats his employees, customers and colleagues with kindness and respect. The only real issue I have with Wayne is trying to keep up with his constant stream of ideas. But the thing I admire most about Wayne is the love he has for his wife and kids. And then there's his uncanny resemblance to Paul McCartney.