Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O'Keefe's Studio

I'm always fascinated with the studios of other artists. I thought you might like to see where I spend most of my waking hours. The business on the walls drives my wife absolutely crazy (she's not, really). But the drawings taped to the walls are the cumulative works of my 4 kids over the past 15 years we have been in our house. I call it my Special Wall(s) and not every piece of art the kids draw makes it here. All the important things - my Cleveland Browns trash can, a TV for watching world soccer, football and Judge Judy, the art books I've acquired over the years, a signed Glen Keane sketch of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast - it's all within these 4 walls. And with that room A/C in the wall, I can effectively keep my studio at a pleasant 40 degrees, and thereby keep many unwanted art critics out.